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Dear Mr. King,
Thank you for your email. I hope that the council is doing well and is still able to keep up with at least some of its activities despite the pandemic. I most appreciative of the council’s continuous support of me in my formation. I was thinking of the Knights just recently because my seminary had the wonderful opportunity to venerate a first-class relic of Blessed Michael McGivney. My seminary, Theological College, has a connection to his seminary, St. Mary’s in Baltimore, as both are run by the Sulpician Fathers. (TC originally was like a satellite campus of St. Mary’s.) Fr. McGivney is now the third saint to have studied at a Sulpician seminary, so we have particular reason to celebrate his beatification.

Like everywhere else, the virus has greatly impacted seminary. We have been following a strict observance of Covid protocols and of course many places in the city are closed but the greatest difference from normal is that all our classes are on zoom. I think all of us seminarians and our professors are itching for a return to in person classes if at the very least, so we don’t have to stare at our computers all day. Thankfully we haven’t had any virus cases in our seminary, and we have been able adapt well to the times. We have made the best of otherwise disagreeable terms. Personally, I have been doing very well and I am very much enjoying formation here. Now that I have left minor seminary and entered major seminary and theological studies, I have entered a more serious stage of discernment in the eyes of the Church and the bishop formally accepted me as a candidate for holy orders back in July. This brings me great joy to be moving closer toward my goal. The completion of this semester marks the halfway point of my formation- 4.5 years down, 4.5 to go! Truly the Lord has been good to me.
I will continue to keep your council in my prayers ever thankful for your support. Please keep me and my brother seminarians in your prayers. Blessed Michael McGivney pray for us!
Sincerely in Christ,
Andrew Clark
Frist Theology
Theological College
Diocese of Richmond