The Christmas Tree Lot volunteer website is live now. You can access the site by scanning  the QR Code below:

or by going to the iVolunteer website link shown below

Please review the planned events, dates, and most importantly, the sales schedules.

We will continue to follow the Commonwealth’s diocesan guidelines for social distancing for all planned outdoor events. The specific guidelines will mirror those in place when the lot opens.

The current event schedule and sale dates are listed below. This year Thanksgiving is November 26th, and the 1st Sunday in Advent is that following Sunday – November 29th. Our setup and sale activities follow the same notional dates as in past years.

  • Saturday, 13 November: 
    • Trailer and Tree Rack Repairs. We need to replace front subflooring in the trailer, and inspect,  repair or rebuild tree racks. The tentative time is from 9 am – Noon.
  • Friday, 19 November: 
    • Move the Tree Lot Trailer into place. The tentative time is from 10am – Noon but is dependent upon who’s truck is available.
  • Saturday, 20 November:
    • Lot Set Up from 8 am – Noon (usually we’re done in 2-3 hours)
  • Wednesday, 24 November: 
    • Unload the Truck – our five hundred (500) trees arrive from Canada; while the exact time is not known, we anticipate a late afternoon arrival of the truck at the church. 
  • Friday, 26 November:  We’ll start stocking the lot at 8am – and will sell trees to any customers who drop by the lot. Sales officially start that afternoon at 1pm and will run thru Saturday 18 December @ 9pm are our official sale dates. We’ve sold out in 2 weeks the past 3 years – if we have the same success this year we’ll finish by 11 December.
  • Sunday, 19 December  we will disassemble and store the racks and trailer, unless we’ve closed it earlier.
    • As in the past three years, we will disassemble the racks as we sell trees and racks open up.

Once again, we’ll have the following sales shift schedule, with one lot manager for each shift, and 3 – 5 sales volunteers depending upon the day:

  • Monday thru Friday: one evening shift each night from 5 pm – 9pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays – 3 shifts
    • 9am – 1pm
      • The Sunday morning shift will be for the convenience of parishioners, and to restock the lot
    • 1pm – 5pm (our busiest times) and
    • 5pm – 9pm

Sign up as often as you can – there’s no need to wait and save a slot. We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us in making this a successful fundraiser.

Vivat Jesus

John Garcia; Jim Waltz; Frank Hruska; Mike King; Pat Savarese; Dan Wood