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Membership Dues Payment

From the Pay Your Dues drop down menu, you will be brought to the Dues Payment Screen.
• If you logged on to the MEMBERS ONLY area of the council’s website, your member information will automatically populate
• If you didn’t log on to the MEMBERS ONLY area you will need to fill in the blank form with your member number and contact information to ensure payment is posted to your account.

Immediately after your member information is the block “Dues Payable.” Fill in the block with your DUES from the membership invoice you received from the Financial Secretary. Note: The block may already be prepopulated if you logged in with your membership number.

The “Donation Amount” is our Penny per Knight per Day (PKD) charity donation.  The PKD Fund is a Virginia State Council charitable fund that is used specifically to promote and support the deacons, priests and sisters that serve our Church.  The block is prepopulated with suggested donation of $3.65. You can accept this amount or insert the amount you would like to donate.

The website will auto-calculate and display the additional funds collected for the credit card processing fee.

Click on the “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” button, and you will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

Please use this form to pay your current membership dues. You should have received a statement from the Financial Secretary with the total amount due. If you are logged in, some information will be filled automatically.
Please enter the amount due from the statement you received from the Financial Secretary. The amount displayed is the standard amount, but may not reflect your individual account.
Please enter your membership number. You can locate this on your most recent membership card or your dues statement.
Knights PKD Charity
This amount is collected to offset credit card fees. It will be added to your total.
Credit Card Surcharge $0.00
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.